Rubber Pinchweld – Red – per metre


Holden Rubber Pinchweld

Rubber Pinchweld – Red – per metre

Windshield/Back window Weatherstripping removal and installation instructions.
For models with outside reveal molding (those models with chrome or stainless).

The following general instructions are to be used only as a guide. For more model
specific instructions, refer to your vehicle body service manual.

Removal tips

pinchweld removal tips

To prevent damage to the finish of the instrument panel, you may want to apply masking tape along the top edge adjacent to the garnish molding. Remove garnish molding screws and rear view mirror bracket.

Loosen the windshield wiper housing caps on the outside top cowl. Pry the upper comers of the garnish molding out sufficiently to get your fingers behind it, Over time the garnish molding sticks to the rubber.

Work the fingers behind the molding towards the center division channel, forcing the molding firmly, but gently, out of position and remove.

Note: Care must be taken not to kink or damage the molding. The kinked edge might put undue strain on the glass during re-installation and break it. Remove the center division channel and weatherstrips.

Slide a flat teflon h’life or spatula between the rubber and body, both inside and out. Push carefully from the outside in. If you do not feel the glass starting to give then check for areas that are not separated from the body. It should remove easily.

Clean up body area of all putty and dirt with an all-purpose cleaner, such as 3M General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner  that will not harm paint, vinyl, or fabrics. Make any repairs. If using the same glass, clean thoroughly around the perimeter of glass.


pinchweld installation tips

Installation tips

Lubricate the 1/4″ glass groove with glass lubricant or very soapy water to allow the glass to center itself while installing. Place new rubber on glass making sure that it is placed correctly and fits well.Any problems with fit will show up at this time. Rubber should fit glass without being too loose or too tight. Improper size will pucker or fold in comers.

The reveal molding on models that incorporate the pinchweld seal as part of the main weatherstrip body will require the installation of the window before installing the reveal molding. Before replacement, place a bead of 3M Auto Bedding and Glazing Compound to the inside edge of the pinchweld in the window opening.

The glass, with weather-stripping installed, is then put in place from the inside. Place cord in pinchweld slot around perimeter of rubber to help rubber flap over pinchweld. Lap the pinchweld rubber lip over the pinchweld.

Check inner and outer perimeter to make sure it is fitted properly. Position the reveal molding on the pinchweld seal and press into place.Once in place, put 3M Auto Sealer between rubber and glass on outer side with flat applicator, The garnish molding is then re-installed and tightened. Clean excess sealant with an all-purpose cleaner and remove masking tape from instrument panel.


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