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Bonnet Fastener Cable Stop


Bonnet Fastener Cable Stop

Used as OEM Part by Holden – Ford – Chrysler – GM plus most other American, European and Japenese Car Manufacturers.

Early Holden Brake & Clutch Pedal Bump Stops – PAIR


These PEDAL BUMP STOPS fit into the bottom of the brake & clutch pedal box, and stop the pedal travelling all the way to the floor, STOPPING that metal clunk when they are missing. Holden used these Brake & Clutch pedal bump stops for many models, from FB-WB and also the Torana range of models. This means that they are made to fit: FB РEK, EJ РEH, HD РHR, HK -HT РHG, and HQ РHJ РHX РHZ РWB Holden models. Also the are fitted to LC РLJ and LH РLX РUC Toranas.