HX – HZ Holden Sedan and Wagon Master Clip Kit

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HQ – HJ Holden Sedan and Wagon Master Clip Kit

HQ – HJ Holden Sedan Master Clip Kit                                                                       

80 x Holden Door Seal Body Plugs (4770719)                         

20 x HQ-WB Canoe Trim Clips – Black (SP1838BA)                         

20 x GMH Common Round Badge Clips (SP1606)                 

8 x HG-WB Holden Armrest Screws (162113/ARS1007)         

1 x HQ-WB Holden Wiper Link Clip (SP2383)                          

48 x Door Hinge Bolts (180079)           

22 x Door Trim Clip Body Plugs (7410830)                     

36 x HQ-WB Windscreen Moulding Clips (8736585)                         

48 x Door Hinge Spring Washer-Zinc (120638)              

22 x GMH Door Trim Clip – Metal (7377884)                    

12 x HQ-WB Windscreen Side Mould Clips (SPW1007)         

2 x GMH LH Door Lock Rod Retainer Clip (2806911)             

8 x Door Handle Retainer Clip (4168122)                        

4 x HQ-WB Corner of Windscreen Mould Clips (7434693)              

2 x GMH RH Door Lock Rod Retainer Clip (2806912)             

4 x HQ-WB Inner Door Handle Bolts (IDHB1007)                    

40 x Body Waist Mould Clips (9938151)                      

8 x Cowl Panel Screw – Short (SP1855)                 

2 x Inner Door Handle Bolt Spring Washers (IDHBW1007)            

8 x Holden Door Belt End Mould Clips (2815551)          

1 x Bonnet Cable End Stopper – HEX Shape (BCES1007-H)           

4 x Oversize Scuff Plate Screws – Holden (66290)                   

8 x Screws for End Moulding Clips (66266)                    

3 x Holden Bonnet Cable Clips (SP2525)              

20 x Scuff Plate Screws Stainless Steel (SPS1007)                          

20 x Stepped Body Moulding Pop Rivet (M200A)                    

1 x Bonnet Cable Clips with Screw Hole (BCC1007)              

4 x Headlight Clips – 3.5mm Metal (HLC1007M) 

6 x Headlight Mounting Spring (7448437)

4 x Headlight Screw Adjuster Block (7432889)

 4 x Headlight Adjuster Screw (7437776)                  

22 x Holden Sill Moulding Clips (2815972)                     

2 x Stainless Steel Pan Head Screws (CL1007-099)               

2 x Headlight Clips – Plastic (HLC1007P)                        

4 x Boot Hinge Bolts (180079)                       

1 x 3/16X1/2 Inch Flat Washer (CL1007-098)                  

6 x Headlight Rim Mounting Screws (SP2431)                        

4 x Boot Hinge Bolts Spring Washer-Zinc (120638)                           

2 x Stainless Steel Spring Washers for Cable Screws (IDHBW1007)

40 x HQ-WB Panel Mounting Bolt 5/16×3/4 (9427636)                      

2 x Brake Adjusting Hole Cover Grommet (BAHCG)                        

6 x Guard to Bulkhead Bolt Grommet (GBG)                 

40 x HQ-WB J-Nut – 5/16 (SP1548)                          

4 x HQ-J-X-Z & WB Chrome Door Lock Knob (DLK1007CH) 

40 x EJ-WB + LC-UC Holden Door Seal Clips (DSC1001)               

12 x HQ-WB Wheel Arch Inner Guard Screw (SP2056)                    

4 x HQ-HZ-WB Door Lock Knob Surrounds (DLKS1007)       

1 x Common Badge Clip – Black Metal (SP1606) 

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