HQ-HJ Holden Ute Master Clip Kit

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HQ-HJ Holden Ute Master Clip Kit

This HQ-HJ Holden Ute Master Clip Kit contains:

40 Holden Door Seal Body Plugs
20 Holden Door Seal Clips
12 GMH Door Trim Clip Body Plugs
12 GMH Door Trim Clips – Metal
4 Door Handle Retainer Clips
2 HQ-WB Inner Door Handle Bolts
2 3/16 Stainless Steel Spring Washers
4 Oversize Scuff Plate Screws – Holden
10 GMH Scuff Plate Screws Stainless Steel
4 GMH Headlight Clips – Metal
2 GMH Headlight Clips – Plastic
6 GMH Headlight Rim Screws – Chrome
2 HQ-WB Holden Headlight Mounting Springs
4 HQ-WB Headlight Screw Adjuster Blocks
4 GMH Headlight Adjuster Bolts
40 HQ-WB Panel Mounting Bolts 5/16×3/4
40 HD-WB J-Nuts – 5/16
12 HQ-WB Wheel Arch Inner Guard Screws
20 Holden Canoe Clips – Black
1 HQ-WB Holden Wiper Link Clip
18 HQ-WB Windscreen Mould Clips
8 HQ-WB Windscreen Side Mould Screws
2 HQ-WB Bottom Corner Window Mould Clips
16 HQ-HJ Body Moulding Clips – Rivet Type
4 Holden Door Belt End Mould Clips
4 Screws For Holden End Moulding Clips
22 Stepped Body Moulding Pop Rivets
22 HQ-WB Holden Sill Moulding Clips
2 HQ-HJ-HX-HZ-WB Chrome Door Lock Knobs
2 HQ-HJ-HX-HZ-WB Door Lock Knob Surrounds
16 GMH Common Round Badge Clips
24 HQ-WB Door Hinge Bolts 5/16×1″
24 5/16 Spring Washers – Zinc
2 Holden Door Lock Barrel Retainer Clips
2 GMH LH Door Lock Rod Retainer Clips
2 GMH RH Door Lock Rod Retainer Clips
8 HQ-WB Cowl Panel Screws – Short
1 Bonnet Cable End Stopper -Hex Shape
3 Holden Bonnet Cable Clips
1 Bonnet Cable Clip With Screw Hole
2 10g X 5/8 Stainless Steel Pan Head Screws
2 3/16 X 1/2 Inch Flat Washers
2 3/16 Stainless Steel Spring Washers
6 Holden Guard To Bulkhead Bolt Grommets
4 HK-WB Holden Stainless Steel Armrest Screws
2 Brake Adjusting Hole Cover Grommets
1 Fittings Box

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